Warm up with the psychedelic new video for Big Grams' Fell in the Sun

It may be getting colder and darker in the U.S. this time of year, but Big Grams — the collaboration of Outkast’s Big Boi and electro rockers Phantogram — are recalling warmer days with their video for the banging new track, Fell in the Sun.

The newly-released psychedelic video, off of the group’s eponymous debut 2015 record, depicts the unlikely genre-benders singing, rhyming, and dancing along to kaleidoscopic visuals. “Talk about a Vitamin D overdose,” says Big Boi towards the end of the track. “And I do mean D.”

“It was pretty unorthodox,” explained Big Boi to Flood Magazine on how the songs on the record came together. “Sometimes, Josh would come up with a beat, or we might start saying something back and forth. He might make a joke, and that shit might turn into a line in a song. It was just the chemistry, just being in the same room and having music on that enabled us to pour all that creativity into one space.”

On Fell in the Sun, Sarah Bartel breathily sings the song’s simple, catchy chorus: “Melting the ice / We fell in the Sun, love / Ain’t no surprise.” As the winter rears its ugly head for many of us, that’s a welcome image.

The group debuted the video exclusively on Amsterdam-based file-sharing site WeTransfer. According to Business Insider, Prince, Childish Gambino and even influential music site Pitchfork have used the site to distribute content in the past. You can check out the full album from Big Grams online now.

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