Zune Pass gets a $9.99 price tag and heads to Canada Oct. 3

zune-music-stream via engadgetThere have been a good number of streaming music announcements lately, and not to be outdone, today Microsoft chimed in about some changes being made to its Zune service. The software giant will be lowering the price of its Zune Music Pass and taking the Zune Music Marketplace up north to our Canadian neighbors.

Microsoft Zune Music Pass will be cut from $14.99 to $9.99, a price which mirrors many of the music streaming competitors such as Rdio, Spotify, Mog, Napster, and all the others. This will be the case for both US and Canadian subscribers come October 3.

That $10 price gives you unlimited access to the service, which means 14 million songs all at your beck and call. However, there is a downside to the price cut. The Zune Pass will be dropping one of its distinguishing characteristics—the ten music downloads users are allowed each month. We’ve point out in the past that the 10 free tracks a month was like a $10 discount on the subscription price.

Though there’s been some criticism over the change, it’s the new subscribers who will only have the $10 option; those already subscribing at the $14.99 monthly rate will be allowed to continue paying that amount and will also continue to receive the 10 free download credits.

Zune still allows subscribers to view thousands of music videos and also allows for the Zune Pass to work with the PC, Windows Phone, Zune device and the Xbox 360. Microsoft is also giving a nice little deal where you’ll only be charged for 10 months if you pay for the year at once.

How do you think the Zune service compares to the massive number of ‘others’ in the competitive music streaming market?

Via Zune Insider

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