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The best booths at CES 2020

This story is part of our continuing coverage of CES 2020, including tech and gadgets from the showroom floor.


So many CES exhibitors merely plop their product down on a table and let the tech speak for itself, but some companies embrace the spirit of Las Vegas, building monolithic booths and staging wild performances to show off how cool their product is … or just how big their marketing budget is. At CES 2020, companies rang in the new decade with some of the most astounding booths we’ve seen yet. Here are the best booths of CES 2020.


When your product is designed to be used underwater, how exactly do you flaunt it in the middle of a convention center? By plopping down a big old fish tank, of course. Sublue could have settled for footage of their underwater scooter, but they went all out and brought a massive tank of water with a scuba diver inside. The diver demonstrated the agility of the scooter with some dashing maritime maneuvers.


Korean conglomerate Doosan brought out a DJ to stage a little show, but his sick beats weren’t the real draw here; it was the assistance he got from a set of robotic arms. The robots danced, played with the soundboard, and handed their human bandleader a drink when he was thirsty.


Samsung didn’t just have a booth — it built a whole complex on the show floor, a miniature city housing all its lovely new products. Touring Samsungland, we found walls of 8K displays, a tunnel to highlight the rotating Sero TV, and Samsung’s robotic household assistants, including a mechanical chef and the adorable rolling sphere called Ballie.


LG also went all-out this year, with the return of its glorious, wavy OLED cavern.

Beyond that colorful entrance lay a host of technological wonders, including a robot barista making pour-over coffee, a smart mirror that will help you throw together an outfit, and some high-tech lawn mowers.


How best to show off your drone’s waterproof capabilities? Squirt guns? Water balloons? How about a full-on waterfall? PowerVision went with that last option, piloting its drone underneath a waterfall to show how it’s affected by a torrent of fluid. (Squirt guns would have been fun too, though.)


You can’t judge a rideable just by looking at it, so Segway gave people a chance to drive its line of vehicles on a tiny race track. In addition to its new, egg-shaped S-Pod, Segway’s electric go-kart was present, rounding the turns in buttery smooth fashion.

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