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Dream job will pay you $1,000 to binge-watch Disney+. Here’s how to apply

Calling all Disney superfans: If you’ve seen every Disney movie ever made and have the Disney+ release date circled on your calendar, then this job is for you: A review company will pay up to five people $1,000 each to watch Disney+ movies and TV shows. 

The job description calls for Disney fans older than 18 who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. You’ll have to watch 30 Disney movies or shows on Disney+ over 30 days. In exchange for the not-so-daunting task, you’ll receive $1,000, a one-year subscription to Disney+, and a Disney-themed movie-watching kit that includes a Mickey Mouse blanket and a Pixar popcorn popper. 

To apply, fill out the form on the job page, cross your fingers, and hope to your fairy godmother that they choose you.

Disney+ Dream Job Announcement

As part of the application process, you have to submit a video of your review of your favorite Disney movie. So if you have thoughts on whether the animated version of Beauty and the Beast was better than the live-action version, this is your chance. 

You have until November 7 to apply for this Disney dream job. Disney+ will start streaming on November 12. 

The hype for Disney+ is perhaps greater than any streaming service yet, since almost every Disney classic will be available to stream for $7 a month. The diverse library will also include Marvel movies, Pixar films, Lucasfilm (aka Star Wars) movies, and National Geographic content. 

Disney Plus Nintendo Switch subscription streaming
Image used with permission by copyright holder

After months of speculation of what specific movies and TV shows will be available on Disney+, the streaming service announced on October 14 pretty much everything you can expect to watch once the service goes live. The full list is extensive, but you can expect everything from classics like 101 Dalmatians, Cinderella, and Mary Poppins, to Disney Channel shows like Even Stevens, Kim Possible, and Lizzie McGuire. 

Subscribers canalso expect bonus features like deleted scenes, bloopers, commentary, and other features that are typically found only on DVD or Blu-Ray releases. 

Disney+ is intended to compete with streaming industry leader Netflix and various other direct-to-consumer streaming video platforms currently available and in development. It won’t have as many movies or television shows as Netflix and other services like Hulu or Amazon Prime Video, but Disney hopes to draw customers in with Disney classic, as well as new Disney movies and TV shows in the works. 

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