Trump asks Apple to build out 5G in U.S. That’s not how it works

President Trump Tours the Apple Manufacturing Plant
The White House/Flickr

In a recent visit to Apple’s Mac Pro manufacturing facility in Austin, Texas, President Donald Trump asked Apple CEO Tim Cook to help build 5G in the U.S. — even though Apple is not a cellular carrier. 

Trump’s visit to the Apple location on November 20 was meant to “introduce” the “new” facility (even though it’s been open and operating since 2013), but Trump also apparently talked to Cook about the race for 5G connection. 

“During my visit yesterday to Austin, Texas, for the startup of the new Mac Pro, & the discussion of a new one $billion campus, also in Texas, I asked Tim Cook to see if he could get Apple involved in building 5G in the U.S. They have it all – Money, Technology, Vision & Cook!l” Trump tweeted early Thursday. 

Although Apple produces one of the most popular smartphones in the country, it doesn’t actually have anything to do with building out a 5G network. That task is in the hands of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. 

Those carriers have already established 5G connections in various areas of the country, mostly in cities. So far, Verizon’s 5G service is currently available in 18 cities, and according to Verizon, it will be available in 30 cities by the end of the year.

AT&T also has a widespread network of cities — 21 to be exact — where AT&T businesses customers can access 5G in select areas. AT&T has plans to expand 5G to general consumers and to three additional cities.

T-Mobile and Sprint, which will soon merge to become one major carrier, are in 11 cities combined.

President Trump Tours the Apple Manufacturing Plant
The White House/Flickr

This new mobile broadband is replacing 4G connections and promises to have faster downloads and upload speeds for improved web browsing and in-app experiences. Communication between mobile networks will also have increased speeds. 

Depending on the carrier, some smartphones on the market do have 5G connection, but the fact is that smartphone manufacturers like Apple have nothing to do with the expansion of 5G connections. They only provide the devices that have the compatibility to connect to a 5G network. 

Digital Trends reached out to Apple for comment on Trump’s tweet about 5G, but we haven’t yet received a response. 

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