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World Cup soccer fans determined to enjoy games in style

Soccer fans everywhere are looking forward to the World Cup starting in Qatar on November 20.

While it’ll be easier to enjoy the sporting spectacle from the comfort of your favorite armchair, more than a million people are expected to descend upon the Gulf Arab state from around the world for the month-long soccer festival.

⛵ Soccer fans are renting out yachts in Dubai to watch the #FIFAWorldCup matches in Qatar while sailing the Arabian Gulf. A 140-foot, three deck yacht costs $20,000 per night to rent, boasting a jacuzzi and a capacity for 30 guests

— Reuters (@Reuters) October 24, 2022

With Qatar even smaller than Connecticut in terms of land area, accommodation is tight, with some visitors forced to book hotels in Bahrain or other nearby cities in the United Arab Emirates such as Dubai.

However, some fans with deep pockets are hiring superyachts for the occasion, enabling them to enjoy the soccer matches in a luxurious setting, Reuters reports.

For $20,000 per night, moneyed followers of the Qatar World Cup can rent a 140-foot, three-deck yacht for up to 30 guests. A big-screen TV means fans are sure to catch all the action, while an onboard Jacuzzi offers the perfect place to relax between games. A Michelin-starred chef serving gourmet cuisine is also available to those renting the yachts.

Jainney Thakker, marketing manager of chartering firm Xclusive Yacht, told Reuters that as the soccer contest approaches, demand for its water-based rentals is increasing.

One soccer fan who’s already secured a booking is Dubai resident Zubin Doshn.

“The expectation is very simple,” Doshn told Reuters. “I’m sure I’ll have a good time with my family and friends and enjoy the luxury of Xclusive Yacht and watch the World Cup in the middle of the sea with all the great services they have. And, of course, drink champagne.”

Short rentals are also available for groups of fans who want to enjoy watching a game in special surroundings while bobbing up and down on the water. As a bonus, the hired vessels will also sail guests past some of Dubai’s iconic landmarks, including the sail-shaped Burj al Arab hotel and the Palm Jumeirah, a palm tree-shaped island built in the sea.

The World Cup kicks off on November 20 and runs through December 18. Here’s how to watch the games for free.

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