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Drink from your jacket while shredding the slopes with the 686 Hydrastash

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The shortcomings of hydration systems are numerous, including lack of portability, versatility, and efficiency. Traditionally they’re meant to be used with backpack reservoirs and include clip points that allow the port to come around and attach to the wearer’s shoulder strap, making for easy accessibility. But what about those times when you’re not wearing a backpack? In many outdoor activities, including skiing and snowboarding, you don’t have the luxury of carrying around a water bottle. Enter the 686 GLCR Hydrastash Reservoir Jacket — hands-free hydration built directly into the product, to join the company’s growing line of GLCR technical jackets next year.

Hydrastash is the world’s first built-in apparel micro-hydration system, allowing you to stay hydrated while skiing or snowboarding. The system is hidden inside the 686 GLCR Reservoir Jacket — the result of four years of research and development. The Hydrastash can incorporate up to 25 ounces of water (the amount in a standard water bottle) into the jacket’s powder skirt. For riding on chairlifts, the technology is revolutionary — no cumbersome backpacks required. The hydration system is engineered with a “body-wrap fit”, which is designed around the wearer’s center of gravity providing for balance and equal weight dispersion, even while in motion. This design also prevents any discomfort when riding on a chairlift, carving turns, or sliding to a stop.   

Anti-slosh dams are constructed throughout the reservoir to prevent motion when the fluid level is low. Internal reservoir stretch suspension straps are located at the end of the powder skirt, providing for balance and helping to offset the fluid’s added weight. The reservoir is extremely durable and won’t break — even under extreme stress. The company touts that the product is “strong enough to be run over by a small car.”

The reservoir features a roll-top design, making for easy refilling from a water station or bottle. The microbite valve comes up out of the jacket right by the wearer’s mouth and offers the same flow rate of bite valves twice the size, paired with hydration pack tubing less than half the size. The product is meant to be convenient — and this includes cleaning. A stretch channel runs from the pocket to the microbite valve and specialty cleaning tools will be available for the whole system.

The Hydrastash is incorporated into the 686 GLCR Reservoir jacket — an insulated, DWR-treated product with versions for both men and women, but the company intends on expanding its product line and will be open to future collaboration. The jacket will be available in September 2018.

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