Fluid form: Hit the trail this spring with new hydration packs from Osprey

Backpack manufacturer Osprey has made it easier for runners to stay hydrated when they return to the trail this spring. The company has released a new line of products which have been specifically crafted to make it easier to get a drink while out on a run. The new Duro (for men) and Dyna (for women) hydration packs feature a slew of features that make carrying water and extra gear a breeze, while two other products in the lineup provide other options for those who prefer a more minimalistic approach.

The Duro and Dyna packs are available in 15-liter, 6-liter, and 1.5-liter capacities and sell for $140, $110, and $90 respectively. The 15-liter versions come with 2.5-liter water reservoirs, while the two smaller editions include 1.5-liter reservoirs instead. Regardless of which size pack you go with, all the models feature a running vest design that cradles the body to keep them in place, even when moving at a fast pace or scrambling up steep trails. The packs also include plenty of pockets, although the 1.5-liter versions may be hard pressed to hold much more than that. Stash pockets on the front of each of the hydration packs are perfect for holding snacks and energy gels, while a nicely sized zipped pocket embedded in one of the shoulder straps makes a perfect spot to keep your smartphone close at hand too.

The new packs are also built to be lightweight and comfortable to wear, even while carrying a heavy load. The gender-specify designs of the individual Duro and Dyna lines allow them to fit like a glove, while the nylon stretch fabrics used in their construction breathe well, helping the runner avoid becoming overheated. Additionally, all of the packs are equipped with Osprey’s popular QuickConnect hose system, which uses a strong magnet to keep the bite valve from the water reservoir in place while running. It is a simple affair to grab the valve, take a sip, and put it back in place without breaking stride.

The packs aren’t the only new options that Osprey has added to its catalog. The Duro and Dyna Solo are his and her’s hydration belts that sell for $40 and come with a water bottle and a small storage pouch for carrying essentials. Meanwhile, the Duro and Dyna Hand ($30) include a 250-milliliter soft flask and a holster that slips over a runner’s hand, allowing them to comfortably hold the bottle throughout their run and easily take a drink.

All of these new products are shipping now, just in time for your spring training sessions.