Adidas launches new 3D-printed running shoe, but you’ll have to race to get them

Hot on the heels of Nike’s HyperAdapt sneaker launch comes another notable limited-edition footwear release, this time from Adidas.

Its 3D-printed Runner shoe marks the next stage of development of the Futurecraft sneaker concept that the company unveiled last year.

But right out of the blocks, we should make it clear that you have about as much chance of bagging a pair as you do of beating Usain Bolt in a 100-meter sprint. But hey, don’t let that stop you trying.


Similar to its “ocean garbage” footwear, the new shoe reflects Adidas’s growing interest in working with emerging technologies. The sportswear giant says the 3D Runner features an “engineered 3D web structure with dense zones in high force areas and less dense zones in the low force areas.” In other words, they should be super-comfy.

You’ll also find a black Primeknit upper and a 3D-printed heel counter built into the midsole that’s designed to offer the wearer greater elasticity, compliancy, and support.

Adidas insists the stylish shoes will “propel you to the optimum level of performance,” though let’s face it, you still won’t be able to outrun Bolt.

Costing $333, wannabe wearers first need to sign up and reserve a pair via Adidas’s Confirmed app [iOS and Android], with collection available from the company’s new flagship store in New York City on Thursday. Adidas stores in London and Tokyo will also have a limited number of pairs available. If you can’t find them, there’s always eBay, though in that case you can expect a sizable markup.

Adidas’s Futurecraft project imagines a time when you’ll be able to enter its store, take a quick jog on a treadmill, and leave with a pair of freshly 3D-printed shoes that fit your feet perfectly. The 3D Runner isn’t that shoe, but it’s a step in the right direction.