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Eazy Bike transforms any bicycle into an affordable ebike in two minutes

When it comes to commuting, ebikes are slowly becoming a popular option. Riding feels as familiar as a standard bicycle, but high prices tend to hold them back from mass appeal. Eazy Bike, a Swedish startup, has dramatically cut costs by creating a kit that transforms any old bike into an ebike.

In order to transform an existing bicycle, the Eazy Bike kit includes a battery, motor, and pedal sensor. For the United States, an optional throttle button is also available. The waterproof kit is mostly made of durable, lightweight aluminum, weighing in at less than 5 pounds. Installing the kit is as easy as fixing the battery and motor in their proper places. Eazy Bike claims that it can transform the bike in under two minutes.

Once everything is in order, operating the newly electric bicycle is easy. Like a normal bike, cyclists start by pedaling. One the bike reaches 3 miles per hour, the motor activates and takes over. This unique friction motor sits just below the pedals and makes contact with the rear tire. Think of it as a Hot Wheels car launcher bolted to the bicycle. When activated, the grip is good enough to operate during rainfall. Riders must keep pedaling, but the motor does all the work. When pedaling has stopped, the friction motor rises off the tire and stops providing any power to the bike.

Depending on the market, there are two different motor options. For the United States, Eazy Bike features a 350-watt motor that pushes the bicycle up to 20 miles per hour. In Europe, the motor is reduced to 250 watts for a top speed of 16 miles per hour. In one charge, the motor will last for up to 80 miles. Once depleted, a full recharge takes between two and three hours.

“You can lean back and relax; you now have the peace of mind to bike anywhere you want with minimal effort,” said Eazy Bike founder Alexander Lundqvist in a statement. “Why do the hard work yourself? Let Eazy Bike do it.”

Eazy Bike has just begun its campaign on IndieGoGo with a funding goal of $40,000. Early adopters can pre-order their ebike kit for $159, a small fraction of the cost of a more standard electric bicycle.

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