The Bripe is the ultraportable coffee brew pipe built for the outdoors

If you’re tired of hauling around heavy stoves and fuel just so that you can have your morning cup of Joe, the Bripe is the perfect solution. This innovative device provides you with an instant shot of coffee anywhere you are — whether its paddling down a river, hiking the backcountry, or ascending a mountainside. The best part? The Bripe brews coffee in a pipe. 

This ultra light, ultra portable coffee brew pipe is capable of making an awesome coffee shot in under three minutes. The pipe is made of pure copper and includes a copper cooling stand and patent-pending inner core for faster brewing. A variable photo etched stainless steel filter is designed to be used with various types of coffee grinds. The process works by first inserting the filter into the body of the copper pipe, covering the stem hole. Coffee grinds are then added to the bottom, leveling off about midway up the pipe body. Next, water is added to the top and the brewing process can begin.

A quad jet torch is used to heat the bottom of the pipe until the water temperature reaches 185 degrees Fahrenheit. An included thermometer is placed into the water and read from the top, assuring the water reaches the proper temperature. Once the heating is complete, the Bripe can be set onto the copper holder to cool to a recommended temperature of about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. At this point, sugar or milk can be added if desired. Once the Bripe is cooled, you can blow gently through the pipe into the coffee and encourage it to breathe, releasing delicious wafts of espresso aroma.

Not a coffee drinker? The Bripe works great for tea as well. Just place a tea bag where the coffee grinds would go. The complete kit includes the Bripe coffee brew pipe, quad jet torch, reusable variable filter, thermometer, carrying case, and coffee tube. The kit bundles up into the convenient case and is small enough to be carried in a large pocket or the top storage compartment of any backpack. You can purchase the Bripe package for $84 on the company’s website,