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The Cauldryn Fyre, the future of water bottles, boils water with a battery

cauldryn fyre
Boiling water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning is a necessity in the backcountry but has traditionally required a fire, stove, or power outlet — until now. The Cauldryn Fyre innovates the outdoor experience with a battery-powered water bottle that allows you to bring water to a boil and also keeps your liquids heated all day long. 

Number 6 Brands is a company devoted to bringing the most innovative outdoor products onto the market, engineered by experts in their corresponding fields. The Cauldryn Fyre was developed in order to improve the way that people operate in the wilderness.

The company offers two different product models, the Cauldryn Fyre and the Cauldron Fyre Mobile, both of which are capable of holding 16 ounces of fluid. The product is a modular design that includes a stainless steel vacuum insulated bottle with a lid and the original Fyre heating element. The difference? The Cauldryn Fyre Mobile features a rechargeable battery.

The Fyre heating element is a revolutionary high-capacity rechargeable battery that attaches to the bottle. It can deliver two boils from a single charge and has four different heat settings including hot, extra hot, brew, and boil, serving for a ton of different options. Whether you want to warm soup for eating, boil water for cooking, steep a cup of tea, or brew a cup of joe, the Cauldryn Fyre heating system is designed to meet your every need.

The Fyre heating element allows for contents to reach up to 212 degrees — hot enough to kill contaminants and provide for clean drinking water. The Fyre can also run directly from either an AC or DC power source, adding to the product’s adaptability. This feature allows for the Cauldryn to use the included AC base or optional DC base to produce an unlimited boil, brew, high heat, or drink cycles. 

Getting caught in unpredictable conditions is a certain possibility when you venture into the wilderness. Whether you’re on a backpacking expedition, climbing a mountain, or going on a day hike, the ability to boil water is a necessity. Now you can leave your heavy stoves and fuel at home and boil water with the push of a button.

The Cauldryn will soon be live on Kickstarter before its debut at the Outdoor Retailer trade show in late July.

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