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This electric lawn mower deal will save you over $100 at Walmart

Does your backyard need some trimming but your lawn mower is due for a replacement? It might be time to take a look at the different lawn mower deals that are available to find a machine that’s perfect for the job. If you want to try an electric lawn mower instead of a gas-powered one, you should consider Walmart’s deal for this Costway electric lawn mower that slashes $110 off its original price of $200, bringing it down to an even more affordable $90.

The Costway GT3414 is an electric lawn mower that’s 14 inches wide to help you save time on the chore. It features a detachable collection box with a large capacity of 25 liters so you don’t have to keep stopping to dump the grass and weeds that it picks up, while its curved and ergonomic grip lets you stay comfortable while you operate the electric lawn mower even when working on an expansive yard.

The electric lawn mower is equipped with a powerful motor and a sharp blade, which do most of the work for you. You can make adjustments to its height so that you can cut various kinds of grass and weeds, but pushing the lawnmower won’t be a problem at any height that you choose due to its four heavy-duty wheels.

For safety, the Costway GT3414 has a dual switch so you won’t start it up by mistake. Once you’re done, you can fold it up and store it neatly in the corner of your garage or garden shed, without it taking up much space. Last but not least, the electric lawn mower looks stylish with its modern but compact design.

If your lawn mower is due for an upgrade, you might want to take advantage of Walmart’s offer for the Costway 14-inch 12 Amp corded electric lawn mower. The machine is on sale with a $110 discount, lowering its price to just $90 from its original price of $200. There’s no telling how long the deal will last though, so if you need the Costway electric lawn mower in your hands as soon as possible so you can start tidying up your yard, you should click that Buy Now button immediately.

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