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Help the environment on your way to work with an Espin ebike

Being green during your commute can be tough. Using a car produces emissions, but riding a bicycle can lead to sweaty work clothes. It’s the dilemma that nearly one million bike commuters deal with in the United States. With the Espin ebikes, however, being green gets a whole lot easier.

Espin has opened up pre-orders for its flagship commuter ebikes. With the holiday season creeping up, both the Espin Sport and the Espin Flow offer an affordable, attractive option for commuters. Now you won’t have to wash off in the bathroom after your commute.

The biggest difference between the two designs is the frame. With the Sport, you get a 20-inch diamond frame for a more traditional road bike. Alternatively, the Flow has a friendlier commuter design with a 17-inch frame that lets the rider sit up. Aside from this, the two bikes are nearly identical.

Each Espin ebike comes equipped with a host of features every commuter needs. There is a small control hub that displays the bike’s speed, distance, and battery life. A rear-mounted luggage rack and fenders allow for riding to the store, even while raining. If it gets too dark, turn on the front LED head lights.

What is really great about these pedal-assist bikes is that they still function with a dead battery. They essentially become more standard bicycles. However, the easy-to-remove battery makes charging easy. After 4.5 hours, a full charge should get you 25-50 miles depending on the terrain and assist level.

Currently, both the Sport and Flow models are available for $1,888. However, pre-ordering brings the price down to $1,588. This may seem expensive to some, but you’d be hard-pressed to find an ebike of similar quality for this price.

“Bicycle commuting statistics show continuous growth especially in metropolitan cities,” says co-founder Josh Lam. “We are excited to provide an affordable solution for those who are considering making a switch. Riding a bike to commute can save an average person more than $1,000 per year or more just for work commuting, more if it becomes your primary mode of transport.”

Stay tuned to Digital Trends for an in-depth look at the Espin ebikes.

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