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Fathom Pro uses the power of A.I. so you can run longer, recover quicker

Most people ignore the aches and pains they experience while running, pushing through this discomfort to the point they end up with an injury. Most recreational athletes don’t realize a few simple changes in their routine could help them avoid lengthy setbacks due to injury. Sports injury startup Fathom A.I. wants to change that with Fathom Pro, a sensor-based system that will help you train hard while staying injury-free. More than just a simple recovery tool, Fathom Pro leverages the power of artificial intelligence to design an adaptive recovery program for athletes at all levels of experience and fitness.

Fathom Pro uses three compact motion sensors that you wear while you are exercising. The system currently supports running, but additional sports will be added in the coming year. These sensors, which are about the size of a quarter, are strategically placed on the lower back and on each leg by the ankle. When you are running, these sensors collect both movement information and force data that is sent to the companion Fathom mobile app.

Inside the app is where the system works its magic. Using human movement research and recovery best practices, the Fathom app analyzes your movement and force data to pinpoint imbalances in your running form. It also identifies ways you are compensating for weak musculature or limited mobility. There are devices, like Garmin’s running pod, that record similar data, but it’s the analysis part that sets Fathom apart. Fathom takes this information from your running workout and recommends exercises to fix your form and strengthen your muscles so you can run pain-free. It also provides a recovery program that gives your muscles a chance to rest and heal from a strenuous workout.

Most recovery apps simply rotate through the most common stretches and recovery exercises, but Fathom Pro takes a more scientific approach. It doesn’t randomly choose exercises for recovery, but instead uses artificial intelligence to learn how you run. It then uses this biometric data to design an adaptive strength and recovery program tailored specifically for you. The more you use the system, the better it gets at learning how you exercise and what stretches and strength exercises you need to stay injury-free. Think of Fathom Pro as your virtual recovery coach helping you stay healthy while you push the limits of your fitness.

Fathom Pro is available for pre-order starting October 10. The sensor-based system initially focuses on running but will be expanded to support other activities throughout 2020. The three-sensor Fathom Pro kit costs $299 at launch, but the price eventually will increase to $399. There’s also a $30 per month ($228 annual) subscription to the Fathom A.I. app which is required if you want the artificial intelligence and detailed analysis portion of the program.

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