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Cut down on emissions and traffic time with a GenZe 200 ebike

GenZe introduces the 200 series e-Bike in the video, “Bent Out of Shape”
A car-less (or at least, less car-filled) future may be growing increasingly viable thanks to a new ebike solution from GenZe. The Silicon Valley, California-based company recently introduced its 200-Series ebike as part of its push to revolutionize personal transportation. Hoping to serve as an alternative to cars, these zero-emissions ebikes feature an integrated battery and LCD display, as well as a host of other tech-forward features that are often more common on a four-wheeled ]than a two-wheeled vehicle.

Lightweight and highly portable, the 200-Series ebike connects to a companion smartphone app, which allows riders to plan routes, track activity, map distances, and even connect with other riders. But more importantly, it helps commuters avoid gridlock traffic and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Living with daily gridlock has unfortunately become the norm for many people,” said Tom Valasek, chief marketing officer for GenZe. “Ebikes are the perfect solution to easily getting around town – and they can even be your main vehicle – but you shouldn’t have to compromise technology, convenience, and other benefits in your daily commute. To prove this, we developed these ebikes with innovative features, and intentionally made this technology affordable to encourage ebikes as a daily transportation option.”

Much of the technology is related to the companion GenZe app, which receives real-time data from vehicle sensors located throughout the bike. The mounted LCD display behaves much like a dashboard, showing riders their trip data, riding mode, and more. There’s also a built-in phone mount and USB charger to help riders stay connected on the go (though you shouldn’t text and pedal).

“Our goal with these ebikes is providing a practical solution to traffic that is effective and fun,” said Valasek. “Since an ebike allows you to control your physical input better than a conventional bike, you can comfortably ride long distances and compete with friends via our smartphone app – even while commuting to work or running errands.”

The GenZe 200-series ebike has three riding modes: Throttle, which involves no pedaling; Pedal Assist, which offers boosted pedaling; and Pedal, which of course features pedaling. The ebikes have easily removable batteries that can be plugged into a standard outlet for a quick recharge in about 3.5 hours. A 350W motor provides up to 50 power-assisted miles at up to 20 miles per hour. The 200-Series ebikes retail for $1,900 and are available online at and at GenZe retail locations across the U.S.

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