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Granite Gear wants to sponsor you to clean up litter while you hike

The best part about the great outdoors is the ability to escape from our urban lifestyles. Yet no matter how hard we try, there is one thing we cannot escape. No matter where we go, there will always be at least a small amount of litter.

Just because it’s there, though, doesn’t mean we can’t do something about it. If you are the kind of person who picks up trash when you see it, then Granite Gear may sponsor you to do just that. The company has organized a team called the Grounds Keepers who are committed to removing any garbage they find as they travel along the thru-hiking trails around the country. Fourteen members have already joined through an application process, but now Granite Gear is looking for one more person.

For anyone who’s interested, you have until January 20 to apply. All you have to do is send an email to Shelly Smith with an explanation of your hiking experience, why you want to join the team, and a link to your Instagram account. Don’t expect this to be easy, though. To even qualify, you have to have plans to hike a thru-hike on a long trail this year. Other members of the team will be hiking big trails like the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Arizona Trail, and Pacific Northwest Trail.

Once the final member of Grounds Keepers is found, each member will be supplied with their very own kit. This includes the latest Granite Gear supplies such as the new Crown2 multi-day backpack, Dump Trunk (tactical line, 7L Air Bag, and two 16L Air Zippsacks, and a scale). Additionally, they will receive a scale and a trash grabber to keep track of how much trash has been picked up.

Other team members will be sharing photos and stories during their hikes, so be sure to join in if you’d like the chance. Even if you don’t earn a sponsorship, there is always an opportunity to make a difference wherever you may hike.

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