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The Hammocraft introduces a new way to enjoy and relax out on the open water

The innovative Hammocraft takes traditional hammocking to extraordinary places. This thoughtfully engineered frame serves for group hammocking above water on stand-up paddle boards, regular paddle boards, river rafts, kayaks, and anywhere on land or snow you want to go.

The Hammocraft is a five-person hammock frame design that has been tested and tweaked for over a decade. It has been constructed to accommodate a group of slung hammocks over the water or set stationary on the land.

The product is crafted with high-quality aluminum poles, stainless steel corners, quick connecting spring slips for easy setup and takedown, and four nylon webbing straps with buckles for attachment to flotation devices. It comes with a six-foot long ski pack which easily packs up and carries the frame and a medium-sized duffle bag to store the corners, hammocks, and other accouterments.

The frame requires a 6-foot and 10-inch square area of space for setup. The company recommends using accompanying parachute nylon hammocks that measure between 8 feet, 4 inches to 10 feet. The recommended inflatable SUP board size is over 11 feet, 6 inches long and 6 inches thick, designated for two to five people, and the suggested rigid board size should be over 11 feet, 6 inches long and 4 inches thick.

The Hammocraft’s most distinguishing feature is its adaptability for use in varying outdoor conditions. The frame can be set up over water, on a moving dock, on the beach, or in your backyard. Your imagination is the limit.

The company stands behind these core values for its product: Light enough for one person to carry, strong enough to hold five people, easy transport, and simple assembly and disassembly. The Hammocraft upholds each of these features and is ready to be taken on your next adventure.

The project was fully funded on Kickstarter with more than 70 backers greatly exceeding the company’s goal amount. The Hammocraft hammock frame can be purchased for $895 on the company’s website. The Hammocraft frame with included hammocks is available for $1,145 and the Hammocraft SUP kit for $2,495.

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