Carry your camp kitchen to the woods, the park, or the beach in an EatOut box

The weekend is calling and you haven’t packed. You’re headed to the woods to go camping with your friends and all of your kitchen camping supplies are stored in random boxes throughout your house. You hurry to fit everything into the back of your car, bringing many items you don’t need and forgetting a few essentials. Shouldn’t there be a better way?

End the chaos and stay organized with iKamper’s EatOut, a revolutionary all-in-one outdoor kitchen system. The best part? Everything fits conveniently into a single box on wheels, perfect for the woods, the park, or the beach.

The company first came into the spotlight with its successful iKamper Skycamp rooftop tent campaign. Thanks to GearJunkie, we recently learned about the firm’s newest invention — a perfect complement to any rooftop camping trip or an enticing stand-alone product you can bring to the beach or take on a picnic in the park. The EatOut was designed with every aspect of outdoor cooking in mind, from preparation to meal consumption. The all-in-one system easily folds out into three tables, a double-burner gas stove, storage area, and kitchen utensil holder.

The high-quality double burners feature one-touch ignition and 8,500 BTUs of flame power provided by standard butane gas canisters located underneath. The product includes a removable stainless steel wind guard which ensures energy efficiency and is easy to clean. Two different models offer varying amounts of storage space with the Excursion providing for 37 liters and the Expedition expanding to 50.8 liters.

To set up the EatOut simply unfold the sections, screw in the table legs to the birch plywood tables, and enjoy enough eating space for four or more people. The birchwood tables are water and UV resistant and make cleaning up a breeze. If you’re going to be cooking or dining at night, set up the LED lantern on an detachable telescopic aluminum stand for ample working light. In addition, you can opt for a kitchen utensil holder that flips open and can be positioned upright over the storage area, providing for easy access to an organized set of cooking and dining supplies. Bonus feature? You can add a removable soft cooler to your EatOut system to keep your drinks cold and your food fresh.

You can purchase the EatOut Excursion system for a pledge of $185 on the company’s Kickstarter campaign page. Additions include an LED lantern and stand for $120, a soft cooler for $40, and a utensil holder for $20.