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Infuze lets you switch between water and electrolytes with the turn of a dial

Whether it’s hiking along a trail or backpacking to a campsite, hydration is key. Pure water is best, but your body also needs electrolytes during prolonged exercise. Until now, hikers have had to commit to one or the other. Infuze has changed that.

By attaching the device to the end of your hydration pack’s hose, you gain full control over the water’s flavor as it passes through the mouthpiece. With the turn of the dial, you can switch between pure water and flavoring. When you are tired of a flavor, you can change it whenever you want.

The design is simple yet effective. To attach the device to your hydration pack, just disconnect the existing mouthpiece, attach it to Infuze’s “flavor out” hose, and insert the pack’s hose into the “water in” side of the device. Then, Infuze clips onto one of the shoulder straps and is ready to go.

For flavor, a removable cartridge can be filled with any water enhancer you prefer. Flavors can be swapped as easily as putting in a new cartridge. As water passes through Infuze, it pulls up droplets of flavor before reaching your mouth. As soon as you stop drinking, a diaphragm seals everything in place, preventing flavor from reaching the rest of your pack. With 1.6 ounces of liquid flavor enhancer, Infuze can add flavor to at least 80 ounces of water. Users who prefer less flavoring should find that it lasts even longer.

Infuze | an inline flavoring system

By turning a dial, users have the ability to change the exact amount of flavor enhancer that gets released into the water. Whether you like a lot of flavoring or want to switch back to plain water, Infuze has your covered.

Currently, the project has wrapped up funding on Kickstarter and the product has entered development. The early-bird pledge price of the Infuze was $39, but it is still too early to tell when the price will be when it hits the mass market.

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