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Skiers can lose the rims with Smith’s new magnetic, interchangeable snow goggles

Your experience on the mountainside is driven by the right gear. From the best ski and snowboard jackets to the right goggles, good gear boosts your performance. On the slopes, you count on your goggles being clear and fitted with the correct lens so you’re able to see where you’re going during, both daylight or dusk hours. Smith has taken its proprietary ChromaPop technology and integrated it into the I/O Mag — the next generation of interchangeable snow goggles. The I/O Mag features a rimless design and a magnetic lens-change system never before seen in the snow sports realm.

The simplistic design features only the most essential elements so that you’re left with a streamlined product that has one main purpose. The I/O Mag makes it easy for you to change out your lenses with its unique magnetic system. The product features eight magnetic contact points, with 16 strong and weatherproof N52 magnets that serve to guide the lens into position. Once the lens is properly anchored, two locking mechanical engagement points hold it into place, helping it resist exterior forces and rotation. This ensures that even if you bump your goggles while you’re carving turns down the mountainside, the lens will stay in place.

To swap out the lenses, you simply pop a lever located on either side of the outriggers, and the lens will pop from its place. This is one of the easiest processes for swapping out lenses when daylight begins to shift to dusk. Although there is no frame, the goggles are equipped with plastic grips at the corner of the lenses to limit contact and reduce finger smudges.

The I/O Mag boasts coveted ChromaPop lenses, which provide you with more detail over a wider range of light conditions. Eleven different lens tints are available. Each pair ships with a ChromaPop Sun or mirrored lens for bright light conditions, and a ChromaPop Storm Rose Flash lens for low light or night riding. The I/O Mag features a Porex filter, 5X anti-fog technology, and Air Evac integration. The Responsive Fit frame offers a comfortable connection between the goggles and the face.

The new I/O Mag will be available in 17 strap designs in September 2018 at selected retailers and on the company’s website. They will retail for $240.

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