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Stay toasty in K2’s new Maysis and Sapera heated snowboard boots

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When you’re out snowboarding on the mountain in winter, dropping temperatures and changing weather conditions can make for a miserable time, including the loss of feeling in your hands and feet. While you can always put on an extra pair of gloves, there is not a lot you can do for your toes, which are trapped in your boots and locked into their bindings. Outdoor equipment companies have introduced heated ski boots onto the marketplace — and now K2 Snowboarding introduces heated elements in its best-selling snowboarding boots, the men’s Maysis Heat and women’s Sapera Heat.

In addition to warmth, heating elements can provide for enhanced mobility and help reduce the risk of injury when performing tricks or carving sick turns. Being able to feel your toes gives you better control over your board — so that you can more comfortably and safely shred the gnar. These new heated elements come in the form of Intuition Space Heater liners with Therm-ic Heating Systems. K2 partnered with Therm-ic in order to crank up the heat in its popular Maysis snowboard, resulting in the Maysis Heat, and the Sapera, creating the Sapera Heat.

These heated boots offer three different heat settings that provide warmth for up to 19 hours. They are rechargeable with a standard USB cable and will recharge in as little as seven hours, ideal for overnight. The short recharge time ensures you won’t miss a single chair — including the last chair of the day before and the first chair of the morning after.

Besides toasty shoes, the Maysis Heat and Sapera Heat ensure unprecedented comfort and high-end performance. The boots boast Boa coiler lacing, which is a unique cable- and reel-based lacing system that creates even tension and provides for easy lacing. The Maysis Heat features Boa Conda Liner Lacing, which utilizes a urethane harness that wraps snugly around your ankle and keeps your heel in place in addition to a lightweight Vibram Pro Light Outsole. The Sapera Heat features three-point harness liner lacing and a featherlight Phy-Light Outsole integrated with K2’s Harshmellow technology, serving as a lightweight sole that also provides for adequate shock absorption.

The Maysis Heat and Sapera Heat will be available for the winter 2018 season.

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