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Love your merino wool sweaters and socks? What about merino wool sneakers?

GIESSWEIN Merino Runners
Merino wool isn’t just for your sweaters — it’s now for your sneakers, too. A new Kickstarter project is taking a revolutionary approach to your running habits and introducing wool to your feet. No, it’s not for your socks. It’s literally for your shoes. Promising that the small air chambers in merino wool regulate the temperature in this new-fangled runner, the team behind Giesswein says that its shoe will cool your feet in the heat of the summer, and keep them warm in the dead of winter.

And because they’re basically just socks you can run in, the team says you can wear them barefooted without worrying about sweaty feet or a bad smell — we’ll probably have to put that claim to the test.

Giesswein, a company based in the Austrian Alps, is certainly familiar with the conditions that necessitate lots of merino wool. But whereas most folks are putting this material on their backs, this innovative team is putting it on our soles. The Merino Runners are made of something called Merino Wool 3D stretch, and feature a lightweight EVA sole and an interchangeable footbed that you can apparently swap out per your preferences.

In fact, the footbed is constructed with an organic eco ortholite formula, which is said to include natural, plant-based castor bean oil. These super green additions promise to make the footbed soft and comfortable, and because it’s entirely biodegradable, you can rest assured that your footprint isn’t contributing to the carbon footprint.

“Whether you use the Merino Runners for work, travel, shopping, or your daily outdoor adventures, we guarantee a stylish no-sweat feeling all day long and an extra comfortable and lightweight experience,” Giesswein says on its Kickstarter page.

With more than two weeks left in its campaign, the Merino Runners have already surpassed their funding goal, and you can pre-order a pair of your own for just under $100.

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