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Keep customizing your bike to fit your needs with this Modefi concept

For avid cyclists, each bicycle is different. Even if two models are very similar, the bike is customized over the years to match its rider. With this in mind, three designers have developed a bicycle that allows cyclists to customize it to fit their lifestyle.

The bike is called Modefi and its design freedom is made possible by 3D printing, using carbon-fiber-impregnated plastic. Riders can choose from an assortment of storage options and aesthetic modifications to create a unique bike that perfectly fits their needs.

Modefi was designed by Nicole Assini, Louise Goacher, and Jane Neiswander for Georgia Institute of Technology. Their goal was to create a bike concept that appealed to all bike commuters. Everyone is different, so the bikes had to account for that.

Using 3D printing, the bike is made up of multiple frame pieces that can easily be swapped out. When a piece is damaged or needs adjusting, it can be fixed without repairing the entire bike. As a user’s needs and preferences change over time, they can modify sections for increased storage options or simple aesthetic form changes. It is a system that allows the bike to grow organically alongside us.

“3D printing as a medium of manufacturing allows users to create on the spot adjustments both quickly and relatively inexpensively,” said the design team on Core77.  “It allows a level of customization that traditional manufacturing methods cannot support due to high tooling costs.”

Being a concept, Modefi is not yet available for purchase. However, the design is innovative and professional in a way that already makes it feel like a reality. A bicycle that feels custom tailored for the person riding it, an idea that could change the way we purchase and manufacture bicycles.

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