Find your own fuel with nCamp’s tiny, twig-burning stove for backpacking

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Leaving no trace is a whole lot easier when you are not lugging around canisters of fuel for your food preparation. Now, you can leave the propane at home the next time you adventure out on an outdoor adventure. It’s all thanks to the nCamp stove, a wood-burning stove that weighs in at under 1.5 pounds and can be collapsed to the size of a paperback book. So go forth into the wilderness and be rest-assured that you can cook yourself a delicious meal without weighing down your pack.

The nCamp stove allows you to utilize natural debris around you in order to light a flame. Any readily available twigs and forest combustibles can be placed into the stove, making it both convenient and extremely eco-friendly.

“Wood-burning camping stoves exist, but they can be bulky because of the nature of the combustion chamber,” nCamp founder Dan Cuffaro said. “Our design transformed the common bulky combustion chamber into one that is modeled on a traditional collapsible camping cup.”

Just because it is not using canned fuel does not mean that the nCamp stove is inefficient. It takes around three minutes to boil a cup of water, so you are still getting plenty of heat plenty fast. Thus far, Cuffaro’s invention has been tested through proof-of-concept and pre-production prototypes and the team notes they have been hard at work refining, tooling, and completing the product’s initial production run. Constructed with stainless steel and aluminum, the nCamp is expected to launch in September and you will be able to buy the stove online and in certain specialty retailers.

Of course, such an environmentally friendly product has a nonprofit component as well. The team stressed that the nCamp brand is committed to improving the world around them, noting, “We give one percent of our profits back to organizations that support getting people outdoors, preserve and restore the natural world, and promote conservation-related programs.”

So if you are looking forward to getting into the great outdoors this fall (and why wouldn’t you), you might want to bring the nCamp stove along for all your culinary needs.