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Otterbox Trooper Soft Coolers are built tough for outdoor adventures

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It can be hard to find a cooler that is tough, portable, and versatile enough for all of your outdoor endeavors — whether you’re camping with friends or setting out on a day hike through the woods. The coolers designed to keep your beverages and food cold enough to last the day are usually too bulky for transport but Otterbox developed an ideal solution. The company’s new line of Trooper Soft Coolers is rugged, versatile, and offers quality insulation for food and beverages while on the go.

Otterbox implemented a soft-shell design, making the Trooper coolers light enough to carry with you to sporting events, camping trips, road trips, and overnight expeditions. Trooper keeps ice cold for 72 hours — longer than the average norm of comparable, portable products. The solid bottom frame provides protection where it’s needed most and a wide, open mouth makes for easy packability.

The Trooper 20 is a 20-quart capacity soft-side cooler ideal for quick trips. An easy open-latch makes for one-handed use. The interior boasts premium-grade thermal insulation and a food-grade liner so you can pack anything from produce to sandwiches for a meal in the woods or a snack down by the lake. The Otterbox mounting system allows you to attach the accessories you need. Bonus feature? The cooler includes an OtterBox bottle opener.

The Trooper 30 is a bigger capacity version of the Trooper 20, allowing for the storage and transport of up to 30 liters of food and beverages. Tired of carrying your cooler on one shoulder? The Trooper 30 allows you to switch from shoulder to backpack carry with comfortable 2-inch wide padded carrying straps. The Trooper 30 has a few added features: Duraflex hardware including tiedown points and exterior pockets for extra storage.

Both coolers are built tough enough to withstand the roughest elements, boasting a durable TPU coated nylon exterior that is water, puncture, UV, and chemical resistant — ready to handle anything it might come into contact with. The coolers are also rated IP-65, which provides for assurance against rushing rapids and pounding waves, making for an ideal boat, kayak, or canoe companion. They are backed by Otterbox’s limited lifetime warranty.

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