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Outwarmer is the heated jacket to get you through this long winter

Outwarmer heated jacket
There is no question that the market for battery-operated heated clothing is expanding. Take, for example, last year’s Heacket, a heated jacket that raised more than $288,000 on Indiegogo. Now, the company behind that successful garment is back, and this time it brought an even more stylish option to the table.

The new Outwarmer parka launched on Indiegogo a few weeks back and has already pulled in more than $22,000 of crowdfunding support. Unlike its predecessor, this jacket looks less like a technical shell designed for the backcountry, and more like something you would wear not just on the trail, but roaming around town, too.

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The Outwarmer’s outer shell is made from Dupont cotton that provides protection from rain and snow. The interior of the jacket is lined with a shiny silver dot-matrix material that is designed to reflect body heat back at the wearer. Durable waterproof zippers help keep the coat bundled in place around the body, while built-in sleeve gloves provide a measure of warmth and protection for the hands, too.

On those extra cold days, Outwarmer owners can also activate its integrated heating elements, which are strategically placed on the chest and back. Powered by a USB battery pack, those elements can be set to either “warm” or “hot” depending on the needs of the wearer and the current temperature. This next-generation heated jacket provides a more efficient heating system when compared to last year’s model, and can be powered by any five-volt, two-amp, rechargeable power bank.

Other features include multiple pockets, including one designed to safely hold your phone and two secret pockets for securely carrying important items. The jacket is also machine washable, which hasn’t always been the case with other heated clothing we’ve looked at in the past. Curiously, the Outwarmer also includes a zip-up mask that mimics those found in the Beijing Opera, which adds an interesting cultural touch but may seem out of place for some potential customers.

The Outwarmer jacket has already reached its modest crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo and is set to go into production in February and begin shipping to customers in March. When it officially goes on sale, the heated parka is expected to sell for $699, although early bird supporters can order one for $279 if they pledge to the project now.

Find out more about the Outwarmer on the jacket’s official Indiegogo page. And be sure to read up on the potential pitfalls of crowdfunded projects in our guide.

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