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Travel safely and protect the ocean with Pacsafe’s Econyl fabric

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Pacsafe, a company that is best known for making items that help keep travelers — and their valuables — safe and secure while on the road. To celebrate, the gear manufacturer is releasing two limited-edition products that not only uphold its reputation for enhanced travel security but also have a lasting impact on the health of our oceans.

The new Travelsafe 3L Econyl Portable Safe and Vibe 28 Econyl Anti-Theft Backpack use a special fabric that has been manufactured from pre- and post-consumer waste recovered from the ocean. This material is called Econyl and it is mostly made up of fishing nets and other nylon that collects in the water, often creating entanglement hazards for sea turtles and other marine life. Once taken from the ocean, the recovered materials are sent to an Econyl depolymerization plant where they are transformed into nylon yarn that can be used to create new products. The end result is less waste in the ocean and more eco-friendly consumer goods.

Because the process for creating Econyl uses pretty much all recycled materials, it can greatly reduce the impact of the manufacturing process on the planet. For example, for every 10,000 tons of raw Econyl materials that are created, more than 70,000 barrels of crude oil are saved. On top of that, by making this fabric from the recovered waste, we avoid pumping 57,000 tons of carbon-dioxide emissions into the atmosphere as well. Those are substantial savings, to say the least.

Pacsafe Turtle fund Video

For many companies, using Econyl fibers would be enough of an environmental win but Pacsafe is taking its commitment one step further. In honor of World Turtle Conservation Day on Wednesday, May 23, the company is donating 100 percent of the profits from its new Travelsafe 3L and Vibe 28 backpack to its own Turtle Fund. The money generated from the sale of those two items will go to help support efforts to save sea turtles across the globe, many of which live in environments where increased waste has threatened their habitats.

The Travelsafe 3L Econyl and the Vibe 28 Econyl backpack are available now for $70 and $130, respectively. Both give travelers a way to keep their important items safe and secure, with the added benefit of doing some good for the planet.

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