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Recycled bottles are renewable fabric for Volcom’s new line of boardshorts

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Surf apparel company Volcom introduced its newest collection of Wave Magnet boardshorts made from recycled plastic bottles recently — the result of a burgeoning relationship with Repreve. Volcom’s newest apparel line includes three different styles created to appease the comprehensive needs of any surfer.

The Volcom Stoneys offers a cotton polyester stretch blend designed for all-day wear while the Surf and Turf hybrid shorts are crafted to be fast-drying and water repellent. Rounding out the collection are the Mod-Tech and Mod-Tech Plus, which Volcom designed for the most serious wave riders. Repreve, a company renowned for its capacity to transform recycled bottles into quality textile fibers, supplied Volcom with the recycled fibers that went into each variation in the collection.


“The relationship Volcom built with Repreve has been so good and so valuable because there’s a real partnership in it. Not only are Repreve’s recycled fibers a quality raw material that is traceable and significantly lowers Volcom’s [environmental] impacts, Repreve also lends their knowledge to us across all facets of bringing a product to market,” Volcom’s Sustainability Advisor Derek Sabori told Digital Trends.

This new product line features innovative technological developments including the unique Volcom fly, which highlights a three eyelet cinch design that allows a draw cord to fasten tight in the right places, water-repellent moisture wicking technology that minimizes friction and speeds up drying, and an encompassing four-way fabric stretch. In addition, Volcom’s newest products are built with adherence to the highest global social and chemical regulatory practices, ensured by the company’s Product and Social Safety (P.A.S.S.) Program.

The company began integrating sustainability as a core principle dating back to 2005, beginning with the Volcom Verde, its first set of eco-friendly products. Since this first collection, the initiative has gained massive momentum, leading the company to elect its own Director of Corporate Social Responsibility in 2010. Volcom went public with its sustainability commitment in 2013, aligning with the bold targets of its new parent company Kering, and has since been striving to further reduce its environmental impact.

“We’ve been working on sustainability initiatives — big and small — for more than 10 years together and we continue to learn and build momentum,” Sabori said. “There’s lots more we can do and there is plenty more planned, building our initiatives and with partners like Repreve and Econyl, the Fair Labor Association membership and our parent company, Kering.”

This new collection of boardshorts highlights the company’s most collaborative sustainability efforts while guaranteeing appealing, high-quality products set to hit the marketplace this June — just in time for summer surf season.

“I’m outside every day and see the tremendous impact we make on our environment that cannot be ignored. Volcom’s existence is built on embracing Earth’s natural resources, which means investing in sustainable products is simply not an option anymore. It’s table stakes,” Volcom Executive Vice President Ryan Immegart said.

The Volcom Stoneys plan to retail for $55 to $60, depending on design selection. The Mod-Tech is priced at $60 while the Mod-Tech Plus, enhanced with Volcom’s Stone Shield technology, is set to cost $90. Each version will soon be available via the company’s website.

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