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Latest Pedego electric bicycle is inspired by iconic Airstream trailers

pedego airstream electric bike
California-based Pedego is the biggest electric bicycle brand in the U.S., and it’s about to get bigger thanks to its newest bike, the Airstream. The company is attempting to capture the essence of the summer with an electric bike model that’s inspired by the popular Airstream brand of luxury trailer campers. The American camper brand is known for its polished aluminum trailers, and the Pedego Airstream electric bike takes its inspiration from this iconic design.

The new Pedego Airstream electric bike screams Airstream. It is a classic cruiser-style bike with black wheels, handlebars, and fork, with a silver metallic frame. Underneath the hood, the Airstream is no slouch, carrying an electric motor that is capable of powering the bike up to 20 miles per hour. The powered portion of the bicycle is equipped with a lithium-ion battery that provides up to 60 miles of range, depending on rider’s weight, terrain, riding speed, and other factors. The motor is controlled on the handlebars with a twist-and-go throttle that allows you to engage the powered drivetrain quickly when you need it most.

Though it has an electric motor, the Pedego Airstream is not designed to be a moped or a motorcycle. Similar to other Pedego electric bikes, the Airstream’s motor is meant to supplement a rider’s traditional leg-powered pedaling. Bike riders will appreciate the Airstream’s pedal assist feature that allows the rider to pedal the bike with some help from the motor. Riders also can turn off the engine completely and use just their leg power in a mode of riding that conserves the battery and extends the bike’s range. The Airstream bike also has a handlebar-mounted LCD and can charge a smartphone via a USB port.

Pedego is selling its new Airstream electric bike through its network of retailers for a suggested price of $2,995.

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