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Survive an impact from any angle with innovative SPIN technology from POC Sports

For the longest time, helmets were built to be rigid cushions to reduce any impact on our skull. By lowering the amount of force applied to our heads, helmets reduce the amount of trauma done to our brains.

Swedish company POC Sports has created a new technology to greater reduce the force from impacts at an angle. These sort of impacts are much more common, so it’s important that helmets are able to counteract them. As simple as it sounds, the innovation lies in building a helmet that can move independently from the head.

“Over the last 10 years, POC has developed a wealth of knowledge around helmet technology, materials, and design,” said CEO Jonas Sjögren. “SPIN, which stands for ‘Shearing Pad INside’, is our brand-new, patent-pending rotational impact protection system.”

Since the company was first founded in 2005, POC has received more than 50 awards for international safety, design, and innovation. Their most recent innovation, SPIN, uses unique silicone pads inside the helmet. Because the force required to cause a serious injury is much lower from an angled impact, the pads are designed to shear in any direction. This allows the helmet to slide relative to the heads position, reducing the effects of an impact. The design is based on the human body’s natural protective systems. Our cerebrospinal fluid works in a similar way to cushion our brain during any fall.

By applying this new technology to existing helmet designs, POC has greatly increased the effectiveness of its helmets. It continue’s its mission to do the best they can do to save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents.

Starting in the 2017-2018 season, POC will be including SPIN technology in a number of its helmet designs.

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