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Connect Polar heart sensors to a GoPro to showcase your athletic achievements

With GoPro, sharing epic moments has never been easier. Still, there is always more you can do to really showcase your adventure. Polar heart rate sensors allow you to put even more information directly into the videos.

Whether you are training for a bike race or simply going for a high-adrenaline adventure, Polar can enhance your GoPro videos with your contextual heart rate data overlaid onto those epic moments.

Athletes with a Polar V800 or M600 sports watch get even more out of it. Using the watches’ interfaces, simple commands can be given to the camera. Not only does this make operating the GoPro easier during an adventure, users can also see when the camera is recording and how much battery life is remaining.

Even without the sports watch, the new Polar H10 heart rate sensor can connect directly to the GoPro Hero4 and Hero5 cameras via Bluetooth. This monitor uses a new measuring algorithm alongside extra interference-preventing electrodes to ensure more accurate readings.

“Together with GoPro, we’ve created a streamlined experience that enables Polar athletes to combine our world-leading heart rate tracking and GPS technology with best-in-class video capture from GoPro devices,” said Marco Suvilaakso, Chief Strategy Officer at Polar. “Adding heart rate data over action videos not only enhances the Polar experience for adventurers but also enables them to truly showcase and relive their athletic accomplishments.”

Starting in January, functionality will begin rolling out between the  Hero4 and the Polar V800. Later in 2017, support will expand to the Polar M600 and Hero5. Connectivity between both models and the Polar H10 will be made available during the first quarter of 2017.

GoPro said it was excited about welcoming Polar into the GoPro developer program. “By enabling connectivity between these new fitness tracking products and our cameras, Polar is giving their customers a really cool new way to document their activities,” said Adam Silver, Senior Director of Accessories and Developer Solutions at GoPro.

The GoPro Hero4 and Hero5 are available from Amazon for $365 and $395, respectively. The Polar M600 Sports Smart Watch goes for $306 while the V800 GPS Sports Watch runs between $395 to $500.

Updated January 7, 2017 by Daven Mathies to include a statement from GoPro.

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