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Polartec unveils Powerfill, active insulation with greater warmth to weight ratio

polartec powerfill
Insulation market innovator Polartec raises the bar with the release of the new active insulation PowerFill — a superior alternative to traditional synthetic fabrics. This spun polyester fabric provides the ultimate warmth to weight ratio while maintaining performance during active pursuits. 

Polartec engineers have been improving the quality of synthetic fabrics since inventing modern synthetic fleece in 1981. The company changed the game with the release of the Alpha, the first active insulation product on the market. Powerfill is designed to exceed the expectations of the Alpha, utilizing improved temperature-regulating technology.

Polartec Powerfill comprises a malleable grid of spun polyester fibers with a unique construction which encompasses thousands of air pockets that obtain and hold in body heat. An innovative melt process bonds the hollow fibers, serving for increased durability and strength. In addition, the fiber’s properties are extremely hydrophobic, working efficiently to wick moisture away from the body and dry quickly.

The innovative design eliminates the need for any stabilizers and maintains a thermal layer serving as protection from the cold outside elements. There is no additional weight or bulk and Polartec utilizes animal-free, 80% post-consumer recycled content. The warmth provided by the fabric is matched by its softness and pliability. The highlight feature of active insulation is the increased airflow allocated without sacrificing warmth.

“We’re proud to deliver an insulation technology to our customers that enables the design of better products with Polartec premium quality,” Polartec CEO Gary Smith stated in a press release. “Polartec created the category of active insulation with our industry leading range of Alpha temperature regulating product offerings, and now Power Fill continues with innovative fill solutions for the coldest conditions.”

The Polartec Powerfill will be available in 60, 80, 100 and 135 g/m2 weights. The first consumer products are set to hit the market in Fall 2017 from Triple Aught Design.

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