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Improve your climbing, measure your progress with the Progressor and V-Rings

As rock climbing grows in popularity, more climbers are flocking to climbing gyms for training purposes. However, it is difficult to measure your progress as a rock climber. You can judge general progression by evaluating how well you perform at different climbing grades — but this is not an exact science. Some days you’ll consistently see improvement while other days you’ll hit unavoidable plateaus.

To address this, Tindeq has introduced the Progressor and V-Rings — portable training tools that feature technology for scientifically measuring climbing performance.

The Progressor is a wireless load sensor that can be used in conjunction with any free hanging training grip in order to get accurate load ratings. The sensor is based on a Nordic nRF52832 chip, which is an ultra low-power multiprotocol SoC suited for Bluetooth. How does it work? It is designed to be used with tiny grips that prevent the user from fully lifting their body off the ground with one arm. The sensor is touted as being able to measure the applied load over a period of time.

Tindeq claims the Progressor is capable of evaluating endurance, peak force, and rate of force development. It provides for scientific measurements of strength that are impossible to ascertain by observation alone. Testing your strength on a regular basis allows you to accurately track training progression. The Progressor works with an application on your smartphone that transfers and stores measurement data.

The V-Rings are a compact training tool designed to supplement the Progressor or to be used on their own. They are small and lightweight but provide for a variety of different holds including jugs, pinches, and one-finger hangs. They can be used in the gym or taken to the crag and implemented as a warm-up tool. It is recommended they are hung from pig tails for permanent training locations, such as at home, or from the combination of a sling and a carabiner when at the crag or on the go.

Tindeq aims to develop innovative mountain equipment. After a successful launch of the Duck Rings on Kickstarter last year, the company was inspired to launch the current Kickstarter campaign for the Progressor and V-Rings. While the delivery of crowdfunded products is not guaranteed, you can pledge $140 for one Progressor and a set of V-Rings on Tindeq’s campaign page. Buyers should proceed at their own risk, even though the campaign has met its original funding goal. Find out more about crowdfunding projects.

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