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This modular backpack transforms for the city or the woods

Who says arrows have to be the only contents of a quiver? Certainly not Odd Lot Labs, whose own take on a quiver isn’t meant for archers, but rather outdoor adventurers of all kinds. Heralded as an eco-friendly swappable backpack system, this particular Quiver promises to be the perfect pack for any occasion, regardless of weather, activity, or age.

Just exchange packs for different scenarios, and be on your merry way.

The crux of the Quiver lies in the Thruster — it’s a swappable, suspended mesh frame that fits every single pack that Odd Lot creates. That means that you don’t have to buy multiple backpacks for different use cases — just exchange packs for different scenarios, and be on your merry way.

As it stands, the Portland, Oregon-based startup has two packs available to accompany the Thruster. First, there’s the Sidestep, described as a day pack designed for the modern hiker. Made of water-resistant material and YKK zippers, you can store plenty of gear in its 25 liters of space, and rest assured that all that gear will stay safe and dry. There’s a hydration bladder pocket to ensure you always have enough water on even the most strenuous of hikes, and a zipper-free stretchy hip belt comes with a number of pockets for one-handed access.

Quiver Oddlotlabs gif

The second pack is the Bandit, meant more for your standard commute. Whether you’re going to the office or your gym, or taking your bike or public transportation, the Bandit is there for you. It’s also made of water-resistant materials and zippers, and has a reflective front zipper cover so you’ll stay visible if you’re carrying this pack on your nighttime bike ride. Plus, there are side and top-access pockets for you to store all your essentials, and compression straps on each side of the pack can hold anything from a yoga mat to a water bottle to a jacket. And with 26 liters of volume, no matter what you have to bring to work, the Bandit can probably take it.

The Quiver and its companion packs are now on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order the whole set for the early bird price of $209 — reserved for the first 15 orders. Once these sell out, the price jumps to $255, which still represents a $45 discount on the MSRP of $299 once it officially launches. The Odd Lot team anticipates a shipment date of January 2018.

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