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7 great backpacks for hauling GoPro cameras and accessories

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GoPro cameras are built to handle the elements — from rain to snow, and from high in the sky to the depths of the ocean. They don’t work on their own, however. The sheer amount of support gear that is often needed for an action camera can be daunting, whether talking extra batteries, mounts, housing, or drones. That’s why, when it comes to transporting GoPros and other action cams, having a capable backpack is a must. Below are seven of our favorite packs, each of which is well-suited for stowing your GoPro and an arsenal of accessories.

Tenba Shootout Actionpack 14L ($199)

Built to carry up to four GoPro Hero (or similar) cameras, Tenba’s Shootout Actionpack has plenty of room for mounts and additional accessories. The intuitive pack has separate, removable compartments labeled for cameras, backs, mounts, and cables. It also includes a memory card wallet, battery wallet, rain cover, and microfiber cleaning cloth. It has dedicated pockets for a smartphone and an iPad Mini, or a similar tablet.

Perhaps most importantly, however, is that Tenba claims the Actionpack is the first backpack that’s designed to accommodate multiple action cameras while remaining light and agile enough to be worn while skiing or snowboarding. It even includes a pouch for a 100-ounce Camelbak-style water reservoir. and clips to secure a helmet on the back.


Thule Legend GoPro Backpack ($163+)

For hiking, mountain biking, or any other activity where you’re likely to take on dirt and debris, the Thule Legend is a wise choice. The Legend’s trick is a removable, die-cut foam pad that’s both lightweight and easy to clean. It resides within a crush-proof compartment and holds up to three GoPro Hero or Session cameras with extra room for an LCD BacPac, a remote control, spare batteries, and various mounts. The top of the bag features pockets for additional accessories and a smartphone, and the main interior compartment can store larger items such as a jacket. It also has a dedicated space for a water reservoir.

The backpack’s padded waist strap also has a small pocket that’s useful for stowing energy bars, allowing for easy access while on the move. The strap can also be folded inside the pack or removed when not in use. The most unique feature of this bag, however, are the built-in GoPro mounts, one on the back and the other that spans the shoulder straps and acts as a chest strap.


Incase Action Camera Pro Pack ($128+)

The Incase Action Camera Pro Pack is the only bag on this list that’s designed to carry both an action camera and a DSLR or mirrorless camera. The bag’s top compartment provides room for a midsize DLSR with one lens, while the main body offers both side and rear access to your action camera gear. Like the Tenba Shootout Actionpack, accessories are organized into discrete, removable “cartridges” that can be labeled for identification purposes. The pack also includes a rain cover, and side traps that can secure a tripod or monopod.

By default, the bag officially holds two GoPro Hero cameras, but more can easily be added depending on which accessory cartridges you choose. The pack also has a GoPro mount built into the left shoulder strap, somewhat like the Thule Legend, although the former doesn’t feature a rear-facing mount.


GoPro Seeker ($149+)

Who better to make a GoPro backpack than the company that makes the action cams? The Seeker is GoPro’s newest bag and features a top, quick-access compartment that’s fabric-lined to protect up to five cameras. But the streamlined backpack isn’t just about storage. Taking the best features from the aforementioned bags, the Seeker features a built-in chest mount between the shoulder straps, along with an adjustable one that’s attached to the left shoulder strap, meaning you can use it regardless of your activity you’re engaging in. For capturing over-the-shoulder shots from behind you or above, you can strap an optional GoPro 3-Way on the side, and the bag can also house a 2-liter water bladder for longer treks.

We’ve been using the Seeker for a couple weeks and find it comfortable to haul. The built-in mounts are handy for, say, a bike ride, since they allow you to record without having to add extra mounts to your bike. The backpack is also weather-resistant, so it’ll keep your gear dry. The main compartment can hold up to 16 liters, but we found it a bit cramped if you try to stuff it with bulky items. For accessories and a light jacket, however, the main compartment does the job. After all, you do want to keep it as light as possible.

Lowepro DroneGuard CS 400 ($100+)

Lowepro’s DroneGuard series is the perfect solution for the aerial photographer looking to keep his or her drone in the air. Designed by drone enthusiasts, the CS 400 is built to securely carry a DJI Phantom or 3DR Solo, along with replacement props. Naturally, there’s also room for a GoPro camera and a host of accompanying accessories. The pack is made out of a strong but lightweight composite-shell material, which is designed to provide protection, whether the pack is sliding around in the trunk of your car or strapped to your back. Two interior pockets also provide additional storage for action cameras, batteries, cables, and the like.

Nanuk 910 GoPro ($80+)


Okay, you’re right, this one isn’t a traditional rucksack. However, if you’re looking for the most secure way to transport multiple GoPro cameras, then the Nanuk 910 GoPro hard case has you covered. The waterproof case is built on Nanuk’s classic 910 platform, and such being the case, it offers a PowerClaw latching mechanism and buoyancy for up to 17 pounds. The feature unique to the GoPro version is the custom foam insert, which has room for four GoPro cameras and various accessories — including, um, a place where you can store a GoPro sticker. It’s also available in eight colors. Oh, and with the optional shoulder strap, it becomes almost backpack-like (sort of).

Lowepro ViewPoint BP250 ($130)

The Lowepro ViewPoint is one of the most compact backpacks on the market for GoPro enthusiasts. The bottom of the bag is equipped with a removable case that easily slides in and out for convenient stowing while shuffling between locations. This insert also has a series of adjustable dividers and straps to keep all of your mounts, cables, batteries, and other accessories organized on the go. The top of the bag even has a separate compartment with zippers and mesh pockets, which is ideal for stowing gear and personal items. Additionally, the ViewPoint features an ergonomic sternum buckle, and pads along the shoulder straps and back panel for added comfort.

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