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Rideable Reviews


Personal transportation devices have come a long way since engineer Dean Kamen first introduced the Segway in the early aughts. In the years since, we’ve tested a selection of rideables, including the Onewheel and a host of electric skateboards. Here, you can browse our reviews based on manufacturer, rating, and more.

swagtron ng2 electric skateboard longboard review swagtonr ng 2

Swagtron NG-2 electric longboard review: Budget bomber

Even if you hate the name, Swagtron's new NG-2 electric skateboard offers too much bang for your buck to be ignored. It only costs $400, yet it can ride circles around many skateboards that cost twice as much.
onewheel pint review hands on feat

Onewheel Pint hands-on review

The Onewheel Pint is the newest addition to the Onewheel family. It’s smaller, lighter, and more feature-packed than ever before, yet it costs under $1,000. We took it for a test drive through the streets of Manhattan and were super impressed with its performance.
HaloBoard Carbon Edition review

Halo Board Carbon Edition review

IotaTrax review

IotaTrax hands-on review

riptide r1 elite review

Riptide R1 Elite review

onewheel plus ride review 2 press

Onewheel+ review

Boosted 2 Dual+ review

Boosted 2nd Gen Dual+ review

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