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Snow-C is the down jacket that wirelessly charges your smartphone

SNOW-C | Charge Your Phone Wirelessly In Your Pocket | New Kickstarter Technology 2018

Keeping your smartphone charged while on the go is a constant challenge. Sure, you can carry a portable battery pack around with you, but running a cable to your mobile device can get awkward and unwieldy, which makes us wonder why someone hasn’t come up with a way to wirelessly provide a charge instead. As it turns out, a new jacket that recently launched on Kickstarter promises to do that very thing.

At first glance, the Snow-C looks like just about any other down jacket you might find someone wearing outside in cold weather. It features 90 percent down insulation to provided added warmth and it is designed to be lightweight and highly packable, making it easy to stuff into a backpack or suitcase when traveling. It is also wind-resistant and features a durable water-resistant coating to help keep moisture at bay, too.

But take a look inside the jacket and you’ll find some useful technology too. For instance, the Snow-C actually has a pocket that is compatible with smartphones that support wireless charging, including the iPhone 8, 8+, and X, as well as all Nexus and Samsung phones released after 2012.

The wireless charging pocket is located on the chest of the Snow-C. It includes a flexible charger embedded right in the fabric which is activated automatically when a compatible phone is placed inside. The charger connects to an included 3,000 mAh battery pack., although customers can plug in their own larger models. The battery is stored in a small pocket that is designed to make it as unobtrusive as possible.

The developers of the Snow-C are looking to raise $12,000 to get the jacket into production and are currently a little more than halfway to that goal with a few days left in the campaign. If they do manage to raise the necessary funds, the down coat is expected to go into production later this year and begin shipping to customers in August. When it does go up for sale, it is expected to sell for about $300, although early bird supporters can still reserve one for $149.

As always customers are advised to take caution when backing any crowdfunded project.

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