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Improve your golf swing with the sensors from SwingLync

Introducing SwingLync - A wearable swing analyzer for everyday golfers
You may not be in the PGA Tour (yet), but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be working on your swing. If anything, it means that you should be getting all the help you can get. And here to provide some assistance is the SwingLync, a wearable golf swing analyzer that promises to serve as a virtual coach that will guide you toward a better swing (and hopefully, a better game).

Described as a wearable training technology, the SwingLync claims to help everyday golfers (whether they’re amateurs or seasoned pros) learn how to better position their body during the all-important swing. The wearable is paired with a companion smartphone app that delivers instantaneous feedback, and customizable settings can be specially tailored to your skill level. Indeed, the SwingLync team claims, this is “the tool you’ve been missing to gain increased power and consistency in your swing.”

Thanks to this new wearable, you’ll actually be able to see how your body contorts during your swing. The app features visual snapshots that show you precisely how you’re moving — you’ll be able to see every stage of your swing, including the setup, the top, the impact, the finish, and everything in between. Movements that are deemed commendable will be shown to you in green, whereas red results will tell you where to focus your time.

SwingLync will also give you specific, actionable advice. For example, by way of the app, you can see where you need to rotate more, where you need to bend less, and everything in between. This easy-to-understand feedback ought to be hugely helpful in actually implementing the changes you need to improve your game.

The entire SwingLync system comes with a wide range of wearables to measure each and every part of your body involved in the sport. The system is comprised of three wearable sensors, one shoulder harness, and lifetime access to the SwingLync mobile app. And for Kickstarter backers, it will all cost you $199 (which the team boasts is less than the cost of a new driver). Delivery for the wearable set is expected for April of next year.

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