Gen i1 is a smart golf ball that can help improve a player's putting

When it comes to golfing, putting can really get on people’s nerves. Golfers do the calculations in their head, account for the slope and the weather, but it is not always enough. Sometimes the ball ends up narrowly missing the hole or stops right on the edge. With a smart golf ball like the Gen i1, golfers could gain some insight into what went wrong.

Developed by Coach Labs, the Gen i1 is an intelligent golf ball with an embedded nine-axis sensor, onboard MCU, and Bluetooth radio. These allow the golf ball to measure initial direction, speed, impact force, and ball rotation. Additionally, the ball comes with a sensor to put on the putter. This keeps track of the back stroke, forward stroke, tempo, and club face angle. Working in tandem, the sensors can show the cause and effect of the player’s stroke and ball.

To ensure that a nine-axis sensor could fit inside a real golf ball along with the printed circuit board assembly, Coach Labs founder Jason Koo work with top Aerospace engineers. It was important to make the Gen i1 weigh and feel like a standard performance golf ball. Any deviation would defeat the purpose and effect training for putting.

“Did you know that on average, amateurs miss up to six putts inside six feet per round,” Koo said in a statement. “The putter is the only club you use on every hole. So, by practicing your putting with the Gen i1, we can help lower your scores and make the game more fun and entertaining.”

Enhancing the whole experience is the smartphone companion app. With it, users can check out easy to understand metrics and training tools. Once someone makes an account, the Gen i1 accesses their skill level and provides a custom practice plan that both entertains and improves their skills. These games and drills challenge golfers while creating a routine that improves squaring up, distance control, and accuracy. Players can even try out simulations of their favorite courses with people all over the world from the comfort of their living room.

Gen i1 is available for pre-order on IndieGoGo for $99.