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Take off a few strokes with PuttView's augmented reality putting solution

puttview augmented reality golf
Have you ever spent all your time lining up your putting line, only to have the ball miss the hole — possibly by a country mile? Thanks to a company based in Germany, that might be a thing of the past.

Using its innovative Outdoor PuttView system, Viewlicity created a way for players to actually see their ideal putting line. All they will need is a pair of augmented reality glasses.

PuttView was recently unveiled during the Augmented World Expo in Berlin. It then went on to win the Augie Award for “Best in Show.” The company has demonstrated two different tech solutions for golfers. One is with Microsoft HoloLens and the other is with an indoor projection-based assistant.

“Anyone without any golf experience can become a good putter using PuttView. You just have to follow the super, intuitive user interface and play,” said Orin Inbar, founder and CEO of Augmented Reality, to the Hamburg News.

When a coach controls the app on a tablet, players can literally see the correct path drawn out for them. “PuttView does more than simply show a line on the ground,” said Viewlicity co-founder Lukas Posniak. “PuttView creates a visual interface with the player.” If a coach wants to sketch out his plan for the player, he can do so right onto the green.

PuttView Indoor has been available in pilot form since early May of this year. Currently, the tech can be found at Golf Lounge in Hamburg, Germany, and Leadbetter Academy in the Velbert Golf Club. While it is unlikely to come stateside just yet, the pilot program is close to completion. Additional systems will be installed in the upcoming months.

If you live in Europe, keep your eyes open for PuttView. For the rest of us, we will have to keep dreaming of better scores for now.

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