Looking to up your putting game? Check out the SmartGolf Putter

Not all of us were born Tiger Woods (in fact, only one of us was), but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have professional golf aspirations. And here to help you go a step beyond fantasy into actual execution is a new connected device that claims to be the “world’s first smart golf putter.” You oughtn’t let straightforward branding of the SmartGolf Putter turn you off — indeed, this is no ordinary golf club. Rather, this putter comes with a number of smart features aimed to help you improve your skills on the green, particularly when it comes to your tilt and swing.

In conjunction with its companion app (which is iOS, Android, and Windows compatible), the SmartGolf Putter becomes your personal trainer on the course. First and foremost, the club allows you to watch simulated replays of your putts in 3D, and will analyze your strokes in terms of speed, swing path, putter face, and angle.

Not holding the face of your putter level? SmartGolf will tell you, or rather, show you by way of its LED level indicators. When your putter is tilted, these lights illuminate to warn you. And as you learn to avoid the light, you’ll also gradually develop a feel for what a level swing feels like — before, during, and after you make contact. Moreover, the people behind this fancy putter claim that it is able to “accurately judge the slope of the green.”

The SmartGolf Putter also comes with a built-in laser pointer, which will show you precisely where your putter’s face is aimed. This, the SmartGolf team notes, can be used to confirm proper alignment of the putter face, ball, and target.

You don’t have to keep track of all of this by your lonesome. While you may not have a sassy caddy to comment upon your every move, you do have a clever smartphone app known as the Trainer, which will constantly provide you with feedback about your game — or at least, your putts.

Currently, this next-generation putter is available for pre-order through Indiegogo for the special price of $159, but you’ll have to act fast — only 50 are available at this rate. Delivery is estimated for March of 2017.