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Tepui SkyCamp rooftop tent also functions as an aboveground shelter

Tepui SkyCamp
Rooftop tents have become all the rage, transforming “glamping” into a popular pastime. Prominent rooftop tent maker Tepui takes the revolution to a whole new level with the SkyCamp, a new product for semipermanent camping.

Traditional ground tents are ideal for a lot of activities, but they aren’t the most comfortable or convenient. If you’re just going car camping, the time spent packing, unpacking, and setting up camp before crawling into bed for the night could be better utilized. The benefits of aboveground camping include having a sleeping space that’s already set up, protection from insects and animals, and added comfort provided by the built-in foam mattress and thick materials.

Where you don’t care to or need to bring your car, you can still get the benefits of aboveground camping with the new Tepui SkyCamp. The SkyCamp is a solid wooden structure with a Tepui rooftop tent mounted on top of it. The product is designed to fit a variety of rooftop tents and includes a covered picnic table just beneath the tent, protected from the sun and inclement weather.

“The Tepui SkyCamp is an easy, turnkey solution for landowners to provide a unique recreational experience. While our company focus is rooftop tents, we recognize the appeal of having an elevated sleep structure for uses beyond car camping,” said founder Evan Currid in a statement. “We see the SkyCamp as a way for our customers to cultivate community for experiential camping in the comfort of a Tepui Tent.”

The SkyCamp is an ideal replacement for backyard tree houses, serves as the perfect solution for permanent camping areas, and could be utilized by resorts, ranches, or summer camps. Tepui tents are designed with universal mounting brackets for easy fixation to the wooden platform and include a telescoping ladder. They are made from 600D ripstop coated poly-cotton material, offer internal pockets for storing gear, and feature a comfortable A-frame shape that allows you to sit up fully. A a 2.5-inch foam mattress provides for comfort you rarely find in the great outdoors.

The new SkyCamp product line offers a variety of tent sizes. The SkyCamp Autana 3 and Kukenam 3 retail for $2,650, while the SkyCamp Autana 4 and Kukenam 4 retail for $3,250, not including shipping.

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