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The Load is an ebike built for a full day of running errands

In response to growing concern for the environment, bicycles have increased as a form of transportation between home and work, and for running errands. Modern technology has made this even easier with ebikes, so commuting doesn’t have to leave riders sweaty. Yet eBikes mostly resemble road bikes, together with their limited storage options.

For a better all-around ebike, Riese & Muller, a German ebike manufacturer, has developed The Load. As its name implies, The Load features a large loading area that can handle a wide range of uses. This bike is built for shopping bags, pets, and everything in between.

The biggest feature is the storage platform and side walls in front of the handlebars. On its own, this isn’t entirely innovative. Instead, the versatility is what sets it apart. For example, with heavier loads, swap out the load side walls for higher ones. Riding with children? Attach the double child seat or baby seat fastening so that children up to the age of 6 can ride under their parent’s watchful eyes. If the weather calls for wind and rain, various covers and tarps offer protection for children and cargo. For added protection, a waterproof folding box can be secured with a padlock. And if all that cargo space isn’t enough, a simple carrier can be easily installed above the rear wheel.

Other features of The Load aim for safety and comfort. The full suspension keeps riders in full control while the adjustable seat and low cross bar allow just about anyone to ride it. For child safety, each seat features 5-point belts while the bike’s frame offers side protection.

Powering The Load is the Bosch Performance drive and two 500-watt batteries. This system provides muscle strength assistance of up to 275 percent. Depending on the model, users can enjoy varying levels of speed and torque. With the Bosch Performance Cruise motor, riders can reach speeds of 15 miles per hour while the Performance Speed motor can go as high as 28 miles per hour. For higher pedal assistance up to 300 percent, the Performance CX motor will offer the necessary power.

The Load is available in four different frame colors: white, lime, cyan, and graphite black matte. For further customization, users can select from various contrasting colors for handles and pedals. There are five different models based on motor preference. Prices range from the Load Light at $5,300 to the Load Nuvinci HS at $6,160.

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