Uno Bolt is a fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force technology

Within the last decade, there has been a large increase in options for commuting. As gyroscrope technology advences, developers are becoming more adventurous with their designs. One such example is the Uno Bolt, the world’s first fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force.

The Gyro Force Technology used in the Uno Bolt is very similar to those found in hoverboards or other stand-up single-wheel transporters. According to the unicycle’s creator, Sean Chan, Gyro Force is “the quickets responding gyroscope to be put into a one wheel machine.”

Operating the Uno Bolt is as easy as tilting the body. Leaning forward accelerates while leaning back slows, brakes, and reverses. As expected, leaning left or right turns it while Tire Assist adjusts the air in the tire to prevent over extending a lean.

Using a 1,000W motor, this 45-pound monowheel supports up to 280 pounds and can climb a slope up to 45 degrees. Powered by a lithium battery, the Uno Bolt can reach a top speed of 22 miles per hour with a maximum range of 25 miles. Once the battery is drained, a full recharge only takes 45 minutes, making this electric vehicle stand out. Users could ride to lunch and be fully charged before the meal is finished.

Additional features include a rearview mirror, bright LED headlight, hefty tire for on- or off-road travel, integrated display, and military-grade alloy frame.

“What inspired us to build a unicycle was [to see] if it was even possible,” said Chan in a statement to Men’s Journal. “Now our third version is complete. The second version was not released to the public but we ended up selling the V2 to James Cameron’s production company. Expect to see the V2 in the upcoming James Cameron movie, Alita: Battle Angels, coming out next year.”

The concept of an electric unicycle has been growing traction over the years. Other developers have already developed working models such as the motorcycle-inspired Ryno or the more modern MotoPogo. Even Ford has toyed with the idea of a detachable wheel that doubles as a motorized unicycle.

Pre-orders for the Uno Bolt are currently still open through Kickstarter with pledges of $1,000 or more. Color options include black and red, or golden.