Harley Davidson Night Rod Special Motorcycle

When we hear “The Dark Night” many of us immediately think of our favorite caped-crusader, but that may all change with the introduction of the new Harley-Davidson Night Rod Special Motorcycle. While definitely a mouthful, the special edition sport bike from the American motorcycle designer is just as feature heavy as its name suggests.

The bike features a blacked-out 1250 CC V-Twin Revolution engine which puts out a solid 125 hp. Also blacked-out our the cast aluminum wheels, end caps, exhaust shields, and the low-rise handlebar.  If that wasn’t impressive enough the tail section features LED lamps and a stylish and imposing matte black paint finish.

Harley-Davidson may have been around since  1903, but the Night Rod is undoubtedly a testament to technological advancement, especially from a company that has such a storied history in American culture.