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Musaic’s wireless hi-fi system can double as home automation hub

Despite Musaic‘s current less-than-desirable situation over at Kickstarter — the project hasn’t quite reached half of its roughly $100,000 goal with only 16 days left of funding — the startup has a wireless hi-fi system in the works that shows some real promise. The MP5 and MP10 are merely the two wireless speakers that make up the physical hardware side of the Musaic brainchild. With them, a user can potentially create an Internet of Things-connected structure.

If funded, Musaic promises to provide a totally wireless home music system in all rooms (akin to Sonos’ approach) that allows simultaneous interactivity for multiple users. The clever startup is also designing the system to be able to create and control lighting moods, as well as fuse itself with home security and other Smart Home-related automation technologies. In short, Musaic is aiming to be a central hub of sorts for today’s burgeoning home automation systems.

But all the other stuff is likely secondary in Musaic’s book. At its core, it’s simply an advanced home hi-fi system that, if designed and constructed correctly from the get-go, could lend itself well to further applications in the home. Musaic is already collaborating with companies like LIFX (maker of a Wi-Fi enabled, multi-color, energy-efficient LED lightbulb), WigWag (a simple if-then style of home automation system) and more.

Musaic has released a few technical specs for its MP5 and MP10: the MP5 will have two full-range high-excursion drivers, each powered by 18 watts RMS, while the MP10 will come standard with two 15-watt mid/tweeters and a 30-watt subwoofer. The system, like Sonos’ technology, will run smoothest via Wi-Fi [802.11 b/g/n (dual band)], though users will also be able to stream music via Ethernet connection and Bluetooth (with support for SBC, AAC and aptX codecs). The system is designed to be compatible with MP3, AAC, FLAC, Apple Lossless, AIFF and WAV file formats. Users will be able to charge devices via USB on the rear panel, which also contains Ethernet and 3.5-mm inputs.

But if you want Musaic to even have a shot at Sonos’ home audio glory, you should probably make a pledge over at the Kickstarter page – the startup has until April 20 to reach its funding goal.

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