What do you get when you cross a jet-ski with a surfboard? Scary-fast fun

Lets be real here – the idea of a motorized surfboard has probably been around ever since surfing first became popular. After witnessing what could be done on a normal board, we can’t imagine it took more than a couple minutes for somebody to think, “Hey, what if there was a propellor on this thing?” It’s just what humans do; we see something cool and almost immediately start dreaming up ways to bolt a motor onto it and make it go faster. Just look at what happened to the stagecoach. But even though the idea of a self-propelling surfboard has likely been stewing in people’s minds for decades, it wasn’t until recently that man’s technical prowess caught up with his imagination and somebody was able to transform that dream into a reality.

Designed by engineer and watersport enthusiast Martin Sula, Jetsurf is the high-performance motorized surfboard we’ve all been waiting for. To be sure, it’s definitely not the first self-propelled board that’s ever been invented, but it’s badass enough that we’ve completely forgotten about all of its predecessors.

First of all, this badboy can do 35-40 mph on the open water. That’s ridiculous. It puts pretty much every other motorized board on the market to shame, and also explains why you see people wearing motocross helmets while they ride. Such breakneck speeds are possible thanks to a specially designed two-stroke 86 cubic centimeter engine that gives it a grand total of 12HP. Not bad, especially when you consider how lightweight it is.

Thanks to the board’s relatively small engine and featherweight carbon fiber hull, the entire board rig tips the scale to just 30 pounds. Such a low weight gives JetSurf two distinct advantages: it’s easier to handle on the water, and it’s incredibly easy to transport. You could take this thing anywhere. And since it doesn’t require any special licensing requirements to ride, you can use it just about anywhere too. Check out the video below to see it in action.

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