A closer look at the next iteration of the Nikon Coolpix lineup

new nikon camerasNikon introduced a slew of new cameras, seriously expanding its successful Coolpix lineup. Instead of running down each of the new cameras in all their compact glory for you, we decided to pit them against the last-gen iteration so you could see exactly what Nikon has improved in the latest models.

The Coolpix P510 and P310 are easily the standouts of the bunch with their impressive 16-megapixel Backside Illuminated CMOS sensors and new lens-shift vibration reductions systems. These two are arguably the most significant upgrades in the new launch, but we’re sure the L810 will continue to generate huge sales for Nikon, given that it’s the next step up from Nikon’s bestselling in 2011 Coolpix L120.

Here are all the changes in the lineup – and consider that prices will likely drop sometime in the relative future on the older versions. 

p510p510Also new to the P510: Targeting Finding AF to heighten subject focus, lens-shift vibration reduction, improved scene presets and better scene predictor beat into the P510, picture control (used to adjust colors, sharpening, etc) for all exposure modes, and adding GPS function. 

p310p310Also new to the P310: New lens-shift vibration reduction and increase in shutter speed (no exact specs released on that yet), picture control (used to adjust colors, sharpening, etc) for all exposure modes, nine special effects filters for in-shooting, five to be added after shooting. 

s9300S9300Also new to S9300: GPS (with in-camera mapping)

l810L810Also new to L810: Revamped optical-stabilization system 

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