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Adobe Portfolio can now upload entire Lightroom collections at once

Adobe Portfolio
Building a photography portfolio just got a bit easier for Lightroom users — on Thursday, October 5, Adobe announced new integration features with Lightroom and Behance.

With the new Lightroom integration, photographers can publish images to an Adobe Portfolio using Lightroom collections. Inside of Adobe Portfolio, heading into Manage Content and selecting Integrations offers different options for uploading entire collections from Lightroom. The option allows users to add any Lightroom Collection as a page on the online portfolio.

Collections are automatically added to a photo grid on the new page. Once uploaded, the user has access to different customization options, including deleting single images from the page, rearranging images, and adding text, videos, or other content.

The change is designed to streamline and speed up the process of updating a photography portfolio online. While there isn’t yet a way to upload to Adobe Portfolio directly from Lightroom, keeping collections intact and uploading them all at once should simplify photo uploads, since there’s no Lightroom exports necessary and the images are automatically sorted into a responsive gallery that adjusts to the viewer’s screen size.

A second integration allows users to automatically import any future Behance projects into Adobe Portfolio, without actually going back in to upload. Found on the same integrations options menu, connecting a Behance account allows for projects to automatically upload as a separate page.

With the new integration features, Adobe is also adding tools to help avoid duplicate content. Badges now appear next to the page’s title if the content was imported as part of those new integrations. Clicking on the badge allows users to take a number of different actions.

The features expand Adobe Portfolio, a website builder designed specifically for creatives without coding experience. Portfolio launched at the start of 2016. Designed specifically for photographers, artists, graphic designers and other creatives, the platform launched with a few tools specific to the industry, like the option to disable right clicks to help prevent image theft.

While Adobe Portfolio allows users to choose themes and create more custom websites, Behance remains a somewhat different platform that’s designed for uploading and sharing work with others. With the latest update, now mixing Behance with Adobe Portfolio is automatic for artists who use both options.

Adobe Portfolio is included with Creative Cloud subscriptions.

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